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HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE / HEALTH MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT TITLE: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE QUESTION: (1). Prepare and present an individual seminar to critically discuss the issues/concerns associated within change management in a specific health and social care change scenario. Include a thorough examination related to the beliefs and perception of change within organisations and the impact upon managers and their ability to implement effective and successful change and its application to Health and Social Care in relation to the scenario. (2). A 1500 word supportive paper will be provided. Discussion and debate (1000 words equivalency) Critically evaluate management theories and strategies of change within Health and Social Care. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: Critically evaluate  the  role  of  change management and its impact and influence upon organisational  effectiveness.  Examine  the human  experience  of  change  including management  tools  and  beliefs  about  change agency  which  can  affect  the  manager’s  ability to successfully manage change. TASK DESCRIPTION The student will present a detailed seminar to critically evaluate change management in relation to a chosen health and social care change scenario. Discussion and debate should be stimulated within the presentation. (1000 words equivalency). A 1500 word supportive paper will also be provided. Decide on a change scenario related to health and social care delivery in the 21st Present a seminar to critically examine the issues related to change management and its application to Health and Social Care. Briefly outline your chosen change scenario within health and social care, which you may or may not have experienced and specify factors influencing the change as well as the type of change introduced.   Include a thorough and critical examination related to the beliefs and perceptions of change within organisations and the service users. Discuss how the change was or should be introduced and analyse and evaluate the implications for staff, service users and the organisation. Consider who needed or would need to be consulted/involved e.g. line manager, other staff, service users, other stakeholders e.g. committee, governors etc and why this is important, in order to ensure the effective management of change and team working within the organisation. Evaluate and analyse the impact of change upon managers and their ability to implement effective and successful change in the chosen scenario. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of appropriate theories and models for the effective leadership/management of change and team work and apply these to how the proposal for change was or will be introduced and implemented.   Considering the process of planning, implementation and evaluation of the change analyse and evaluate potential barriers to the introduction of the change and discuss solutions introduced (or which would need to be introduced) in order to overcome them.   Conclude by summarising the importance of effective change management in order to maintain quality provision at the specified type of health and social care setting.   Offer a detailed paper of the above supported by references, with the aim of stimulating discussion and debate within the presentation to the peer group.   Present as a full and detailed response which is clear, coherent and well structured. Use of appropriate syntax and a sense of style. Demonstrate evidence of a thorough understanding of key concepts related to the topic. If using Powerpoint use an appropriate number of slides and suitable font size and colour scheme.   Demonstrate reading of a variety of trustworthy, academic sources. Correct and appropriate referencing of the information used is required. If using a Powerpoint presentation a reference list is also required.   You should present a detailed discussion of the health and social care change scenario to the peer group. The Powerpoint presentation you should use an appropriate colour scheme and font size. A 1500 word supportive paper will also be provided. The response should be academic in style, formal, focused, concise and subject specific. The structure should include an introduction, main body and a conclusion. It should use a font of Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. SPECIFIC TO THIS ASSIGNMENT: Based on your knowledge of the subject, identify and demonstrate an understanding of the perception and beliefs associated with change in relation to the chosen health and social care change scenario. You should show a wide level of reading, a minimum of 25 references, from a variety of sources including a variety of media sources, textbooks, academic journals and academic based websites.  A reference list must also be provided on any Powerpoint presentations as well as the supporting paper. Any sources you use should be current and up-to-Page 4 of 8 date,mostly  published within the last five years or so, though seminal/important  works in the field may be older. Include a detailed and thorough examination of how beliefs and perception of change can influence the manager’s ability to ensure organisational effectiveness and successfully manage change specified in the scenario. Try to give examples where possible to illustrate the points you make. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The  response  should  be  academic  in  style,  formal, focused,  concise  and  subject  specific. The structure should  include  an  Content Page, introduction,  main  body  and  a conclusion.  It should use a font of Times New Roman 12, in-text referencing & Harvard style reference lists.