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July 25 2017 Bundled payments are also considered as a

July 25 2017 Bundled payments are also considered as a model in which doctors and/or hospitals receive the amount of money that is owed to them in an individual settlement for the treatment that has been given. Bundled payment plan is set up to disburse more than one doctor and/or hospital for fulfilling the money that is owed to them for the services that have been rendered (Beliveau 2016). Within a survey there were 3942 people that were being seen by the Baptist Health System. This was a group of five different hospitals within the San Antonio area. This survey was brought about to see how well the bundled payment plans were based. The survey covered the CMS the quality of service for the patients and the hospital services. The CMS the amount of money for the services declined by approximately 20.8% or $5500. The people that were receiving the services the quality did not go down. It got better in other words the amount of time that was spent in the hospital came down approximately 67% (Walker 2017). For the advantages and disadvantages within the bundled payments following are the list that has been found: Advantages Disadvantages References Belliveau J. (2016).Understanding the Basics of Bundled Payments in Healthcare.Retrieved from Walker T. (2017).How bundled payments really do work.Retrieved from This Must Be Substantive To The Above Post. Absolutely No Plagiarism With 1 Reference For Support.