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Johnny has decided to add a new range of pasta dishes to his menu

Johnny has decided to add a new range of pasta dishes to his menu. He has placed a large sign on the restaurant window promoting his new pasta dishes as the best pasta in town, made with all fresh ingredients!. Angel, the owner of Angels’ the Italian restaurant next door, is rather annoyed about the sign. She has been serving pasta for years. She has accused Johnny of misleading customers, because she knows that Johnny still used tinned olives (preserved in a can) in his pasta dishes. Johnny’s response is that even if the olives are from a tin, they are fresh from the tin. Angels has now threatened legal action under ACL s 18”. Advice Angel how to bring a legal action against Johnny under ACL. You should provide relevant precedents and relevant sections from ACL . Explain if such an action likely to succeed? What sort of penalties Johnny may have to pay if he breached Consumer Law Guarantees