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John Locke’s account of personal identity

John Locke’s account of personal identity Order Description Explain John Locke’s account of personal identity. Do you agree with Locke? Explain your answer with evidences. Thomas Reid claims that identity can only be attributed to things that have continued existence. Since consciousness is transient and sometimes interrupted, it cannot constitute personal identity. How could Locke respond to this objection? Explain Reid’s example of the brave officer and the problem it poses for Locke’s theory of personal identity. Describe two ways in which Locke could respond to the brave-office problem. Support your evaluations with reasons. 1. Paper should have a strong thesis, clear ARGUMENT , and supporting evidence and should demonstrate sophisticated ANALYSIS of John Locke’s account and Thomas Reid of personal identity. Also, please include a well-organized introduction and conclusion. PLEASE DRAW DIRECTLY TO USE THE SOURCE FROM THE TWO POWER POINT AND TWO READINGS! YOU MUST USE THEM AS YOUR PRIME SOURCE! DO NOT USE OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE. This essay must turn in to, so make sure this essay is absolutely plagiarism-free! 2. You must answer all of the questions above! Demonstrate critical thinking and effort in your answers. Write clearly; complete sentences, accurate spelling, and proper grammar and punctuation are required.

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