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Introduction The introduction presents the relevance/importance of the

Introduction The introduction presents the relevance/importance of the work you have chosen and should do the following:Body Paragraphs (3-4 paragraphs)The body is the heart of the analysis and will:ConclusionThe conclusion is where you can examine the work from a big picture point of view so you should:Of course your interest will spark your topic choice and the introduction of the work the development of the paper and the conclusion you draw will be based upon your interpretation of the work.LITERARY ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTSIn this Literary Analysis you must:Grading RubricStudent meets Page Requirement of 2 -3 pages. (15 points)Student includes information from 3 outside scholarly sources plus the original work (4 sources). (20 points)Students work is free from grammar and sentence-level errors. (15 points)Student properly cites information from sources with in-text citations AND on a Works Cited page. Note: Submissions that do not include both will not be reviewed. (20 points)Intro paragraph adheres to the guidelines including a thesis statement. (15 points)Body paragraphs adhere to the guidelines incorporating Examples from the literary work and Evidence from scholarly sources to support each paragraphs Main Idea. (15 points)Format: Remember that work not in MLA format and submitted as a Word (or compatible) document will not be reviewed.Final Grade

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