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Input to the structure of your final report

Input to the structure of your final report. Spring 2017. Frontpage Index Summary of 1 page in english. Introduction (relevant beginning to the report, interesting) Problemstatement (specific and clear) Delimitation (which topics you don`t write about, although they might be relevant) Method (which models, theories you will use) and a short philosophical/methodological aspect inspired from “The research Onion”. Internal analysis/decription of the company, value chain, 4-7 P and so on External analysis/decription (PEST analysis, industry analysis, customers, competitors, suppliers, middlemen) SWOT, TOWS, Strategy part Export theory included if relevant (inspiration from curriculum/syllabus “SvendHollensen “Global Marketing”, Marketing plan/action plan including need for resources, financial aspects the next years/ a kind of cost benefit analysis of your suggested activities, your specific goals and how to reach them. Your solutions might concern improving the company situation eg. marketshare, productline, customer satisfaction, types of customers, using advertising, social media, exhibitions, and so on. Remember to specify the need for all relevant resources when suggesting actions/activitieseg. financial aspects, new staff, space, stock, procedures because nothing is for free… Conclusion Syllabus/curriculum (relevant books used in the report) Appendix (only relevant appendix). Remember to incorporate primary data collection (interviews, surveys with company, customers) and secondary data of relevance, if possible. And that your problem statement serves as a goal for your analysis, structure and solutions. Maximum 50 pages, minimum 30 pages. Hand in day will be informed from ZIBAT, later. Bets regards, ThøgerCarstensen, ZIBAT 1.3.2017.