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Informationalprocess analysis essay. Choose

Informationalprocess analysis essay. Choose a process you know well and explain it. Do not write about a process you need to research. Write about a process you are familiar with, and do not use outside sources.informationalprocess anaysis essay about anything. i just need it to follow format which is process analysis…around 650 to 700 wordsBody Paragraph Organization & Development.should open with a topic sentence that makes a claim about your thesis (ideally, one of the supporting ideas you should have mentioned in your introductory paragraph). Then, introduce at least two to three well-explained details that help your reader see the validity of the argument in your topic sentence (1 sentence to introduce that detail and another 1 or 2 to explain the connection to the topic sentence. 1 DETAIL = 2-3 SENTENCES). Finally, close the paragraph out with a concluding sentence that restates the main idea from the topic sentence to remind the reader what the most important point was they read. Ultimately, this will lead to body paragraphs that are about 8 sentences long (minimally).