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In terms of an organizational culture, there can be a huge range

In terms of an organizational culture, there can be a huge range of differences between similar types of establishments. Each organization is composed of a unique set of people bringing their individual strengths, skills, biases, and personalities into the workplace, resulting in a culture unique to them. What works successfully for one group may not necessarily be a good fit for another. This Assignment gives you the opportunity to step back and view an organization in the role of objective observer.Select two similar types of organizations in your geographic area where you can have easy access and remain unobtrusive. For example, fast food restaurants (maybe a McDonald’s and a Burger King), or shops in a mall would be easy to observe.In 1- to 2-pages, answer the following questions: For each organization: Give examples of ways in which the place you are observing is either a positive or less-than-positive work environment.In what ways were you able to observe the manager’s contribution to the work environment?What did you notice about the employees’ commitments and performances?If you were the manager, what are a few changes you might implement to improve or further improve the environment?In what ways were the two sites similar or different? From what you could observe, were any of the noted differences due to how the organization is managed? What other observations did you make that might impact the work environment?

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