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In Freud’s analogy of the mind, the ______ mind

In Freud’s analogy of the mind, the ______ mind is the tip of the iceberg visible above the surface. Select one: a. conscious b. preconscious c. unconscious d. subconscious It is the ______ theory that suggests that aggression is a natural reaction to one’s inability to attain desired goals. Select one: a. Freudian instinct b. frustration-aggression c. Izard cognitive d. social learning When you are shown ambiguous pictures and you are asked to describe what you see and make up a story, then you are probably taking the Select one: a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. b. Thematic Apperception Test. c. Stanford Binet. d. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In Gilligan’s second level of moral development, there is increased awareness Select one: a. that sacrifices should be shared. b. of the consequences of behavior. c. of the rules of society. d. of the needs of others.