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Implications of the different types of listening detailed

Write a statement in which you say what the implications of the different types of listening detailed by Parrish are for the teaching of listening. How can you, the teacher, help your students to be successful? You may, if you wish, refer to different student levels or teaching situations. Make sure that you reference Field and both Browns, not just Harmer and Parrish! Do all of these authorities agree on the best approach to helping your students become better listeners? If not, does one of them speak to your experience or intuition more than the others? Readings/Sources – Brown (2001) “What makes listening difficult” and Mary Underwood (1989) “Potential problems in learning to listen to English” – The changing face of listening by John Field – Teaching Listening Steven Brown – Parrish, Chapter 4 pp 89-97 ORDER TODAY AND GET A DISCOUNT!!