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Impact of customer satisfaction on online shopping environment 1. The research topic is about the What impact of customer satisfaction on online shopping environment? 2. The discussion part follows these points: the words is around 4000 words. • Determents of customer satisfaction in online shopping environment • Why dose achieve such large level of customer satisfaction, talk about the detailed in • Does Amazon success confirm the suggestion in the context section • Some lessons can be learned by other online retailers This discussion part is very important, my professor grade my paper most based on this part, please pay attention to this discussion part. 3. The structure of paper must follow the Business Project Guide of page 10 to 13. Please use the Secondary data, we don’t have to worried about the primary data. Please read the page 10 to 13 at least. Each component of structure has been explained and must follow this guideline. 4. In the “New Context.doc” document, these context are what I wrote last month, I am very welcome you to use them.

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