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Human body temperature fluctuates around 98.6 degrees

Human body temperature fluctuates around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The body maintains this temperature through a process called Select one: a. primary motivation. b. drive reduction. c. homeostasis. d. optimal arousal.Of the following, which has contributed most to the progressive lowering of the onset of menarche in American women? Select one: a. Older males tend to be attracted to much younger females. b. Improved health and nutrition lead to earlier maturity. c. Improved environmental quality and standard of living increases have led to earlier maturity.In adulthood, the larger cerebral cortex in men as compared to women is due to men having a greater volume of Select one: a. synapses. b. gray matter. c. white matter. d. dendrites.During which stage of social development do peer relationships become the most important relationship? Select one: a. early childhood b. middle childhood c. adolescence d. early adulthoodThere is evidence to suggest that if a behavior is infrequent and low in intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation will Select one: a. cause the individual to seek other activities. b. have very little effect on the behavior. c. decrease the frequency of the behavior. d. increase the frequency of the behavior.According to Maslow’s needs hierarchy, what motives will be most prominent in a person’s behavior? Select one: a. self-actualization motives b. social and self-esteem motives c. primary drives that are easily attained d. the lowest,unsatisfied motives One of the problems associated with stage theories of adult development is that Select one: a. cultural issues are dealt with appropriately. b. the stages are finite and well-understood. c. very few studies take into account women and aging. d. the evidence has been overly consistent. d. The gradual increase in minimum wage and financial equity between males and females