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History4 essays. Write essays of at least

History4 essays. Write essays of at least 1.5 pages each on three of these questions. Include at least one picture with each essay. The first four questions relate to Chapters 19-21. The last four questions relate to the course as a whole; for those questions you will want to examine various time periods. You may do an extra essay for up to four extra points.Europe. Describe some of the political, social, cultural and economic changes in Europe in the era from 1000 to 1500 CE. Which changes do you think were most important for shaping the European society we have seen in more modern times?The Americas. How do you see the societies of North and South America developing in the centuries before European contact? In what ways is their history similar Eurasian or African history in this era? In what ways is their development remarkably different?Oceania. What do you find most remarkable about the Oceanic societies? How do you see these cultures changing in the era from 1000 to 1500 CE? In what ways are they similar to the societies of North and South America in this era? How are they different?Expanding Horizons. How do you see the world coming together in the era from about 1000 to 1500? Discuss how long-distance trade and cross-cultural interaction impacted three different parts of the world (such as Europe, China, Africa or North America).Cultural Awareness. Discuss what you have learned about three of the cultures we have studied in this class. What were the roots of these cultures and how did they develop over time? From studying other cultures, what insights do you get about your own culture?War and Peace. Examine the dynamics of war and peace in three different time periods. What are the causes and consequences of war? Which societies achieved the most stability? Are peaceful societies more prosperous? Use specific examples to develop your points.Comparative Philosophy. Choose two philosophical or religious traditions discussed in the book, such as Confucianism, Jainism and Islam. Compare and contrast their values and worldviews. How did these philosophical differences affect the actions of the people?Economics. Compare and contrast the economies of two different historical regions (Mesoamerica, India, Oceania, etc.). Tell how the economies grew and changed over time. How did new inventions, agricultural techniques, and business practices change these regions?Comparative Cultures. Compare the cultural development of two societies, on two different continents. Discuss how factors such as family, gender, religion, or community life, played a role in the history of each society. How are these societies similar to our own society today?

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