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High performance work system

HRM 500 WEEK 10 DISCUSSION 1) “High Performance” Please respond to the following: • Imagine that you are HR manager for a company with a high performance work system that includes the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure. Provide two suggestions for how the combination of these factors can contribute to high performance for the organization. Support your position. • * From the scenario, suggest two actions you can take in order to contribute to high performance within your company 2) “The Choices Managers Make” Please respond to the following: • Management is about making choices about strategy and deciding to take one action over another. Examine two challenges that managers in American companies face today in regard to the new global economy. Based on these two challenges, recommend two actions that managers in American companies can take in order to meet the challenges of the new global economy. • Examine two key pressures that HR managers face today when companies decide to downsize and send work outside of the country (offshoring). Suggest two actions that HR managers can take in order to support their organization through the process of downsizing and offshoring

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