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Has the time come to challenge the assumption that negative

“Has the time come to challenge the assumption that negative evaluations are inevitably the cognitive and affective hallmarks of discrimination? Is the orthodox concept of prejudice in danger of side-tracking, if not obstructing, progress towards social justice in a fuller sense?” Discuss these questions in light of the arguments made by Dixon and his colleagues and the varied responses that their challenges received by their peers in the field. References Target Article: Dixon, J., Levine, M., Reicher, S. & Durrheim, K. (2012). Beyond prejudice: Are negative evaluations the problem and is getting us to like one another more the solution? Brain and Behavioral Sciences, 35, 411-425. Write a 2,000 word essay evaluating and discussing these issues utilising the above sources which are available electronically on MyUni. The essay should include the following: • Title • Abstract (approx 150 words, excluded from wound count) • Essay (2,000 words) • References (include all references cited in the essay)

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