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France on the move to right wing populism: Analyzing the growing

France on the move to right wing populism: Analyzing the growing relevance and popularity of the Front National under Marine Le Pen Research Question 1. What is the process of entrenching far right ideologies in a traditionally liberal state? 2. How has the rise of Marine Le Pen to FN’s top leadership contributed to the tremendous growth of the party’s popularity and relevance? 3. What political, economic, social and technological factors contributed to the legitimization and subsequent popularity of the FN party in France? Chapter 1: introduction 500 Chapter 2: Background Information 800 Chapter 2: Entrenching the Far Right Ideologies in a Liberal culture 1500 Chapter 3: Leadership Theory and the rise of the National Front party 1500 Chapter 4: French Economic performance and its political implications 1500 Chapter 5: Social Consequences and Political outcomes 1500 Chapter 6: Technology and the rise of the FN 1500 Chapter 7: Conclusion 800

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