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For the Final Project, you will be required to

For the Final Project, you will be required to submit a paper profiling an organization of your choice. It can be a for profit, or not-for-profit, a service industry, a religious organization, a professional sports team, business, etc. The only requirement is that it MUST be an organization that can be readily researched. In the analysis of the paper, you will be focusing on the concepts presented in the second half of this course: the interpersonal processes in organizations and organizational processes and characteristics. Some of the specific questions you should be addressing in the final project include:1. How are teams utilized and do they appear to be an effective aspect of the organization?2. How would you describe the communication models used?3. Describe the leadership dynamics of the organization. What styles are apparent?4. What elements of power and politics are embraced? Give some specific examples.5. How is conflict handled within the organization?6. Describe the structure of the organization and provide an organizational chart?7. Describe the organization’s culture? How do things get done around there?8. How well does the organization embrace change? Give some examples.