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FINC 610 AS3Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word

FINC 610 AS3Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document,Answer each of the 2 essay questions below with a response that is at least 500 words in length. The total submission for this week should be 1000 words in length.APA formatted and 5% similarity.Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source 2 citations to support your work.1. Contrast the liquidity premium theory to the market segmentation theory of the term structure of interest rates.2. Former Congressman Jack Kemp reportedly once said that he wanted to become the most powerful man in Washington, D.C. the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. What does Representative Kemp’s comment imply about the power of the chairman of the Federal Reserve? Do you think he may have been exaggerating? Explain.

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