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Final Exam 4 sections A, B, C & D

ORDER DESCRIPTION Final Exam 4 sections A, B, C & D *Please only use the upload (document) as it is set up and type your answers in blue immediately after the blue ANSWER: word. It is important that you do this!! *The quiz is due after 2 days from now. The Prof will set a Turnitin (Plagiarism check). *I will upload 8 things. Uploads number 3,4,5,6,7&8 print them to help you answer the Exam (all your answers must build on them) 1- ORDER DESCRIPTION. 2- (Final Exam Document) to type your ANSWER: Very important. 3- Components of responsible-conduct. 4- Decision-Making Model. 5- Code of Ethics for ASPA. 6- Values. 7- Results to answer q 32 & 33 8- Final exam example. *Don’t answer Section A Only B, C & D. No source needed. If you have any question, please ask me.