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Explore the social and cultural aspects of the disease

  • Select a population of interest as part of your investigation; for example, choose a particular race or ethnicity and how it relates to your infectious disease.
  • Explore the social and cultural aspects of the disease in a 1,750-word paper.
  • Include the following information:
  • Describe the agent of disease.
  • Describe the factors that make this particular population vulnerable to the disease.
  • Describe environmental factors that make the population vulnerable to the disease.
  • What are the modes for disease transmission?
  • What methods are used to control the spread of the disease? What alternative methods are used by the selected population for treatment? What is the effect of alternate treatments?
  • What role do social and cultural influences play in the disease for a particular population? What are the effects of the populations’ beliefs and values on treatment options?

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