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Explain at least three potential revenue sources to fund the project

The assignment (2 – 3 pages):

  • Explain at least three potential revenue sources to fund the project described in the provided scenario.
  • Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these three revenue sources for the project.
  • Make a recommendation for which revenue source(s) the Lakewood City Council should use, and justify your recommendation.

Application: Choosing the Best Way to Finance a Public Project Determining the best sources of revenue for public projects is a major challenge for public administrators on local, state, and national levels. Every project involves diverse stakeholders whose interests must be taken into account. For example, increasing direct taxes is perhaps the most obvious way to raise revenue for a public project, but this method usually is unpopular with citizens. Alternate possibilities, such as indirect taxes, user charges, grants, and borrowing also must be weighed. The nature and logistics of the projects introduce another level of complexity. Some projects, such as the construction of new roads or buildings, might require large expenditures of money over a relatively short time frame. Other projects, such as the start-up of a new public education program for children, might require a large expenditure of money in the short-term, and then smaller, sustained expenditures for years to come. Thus, financing public projects is both a managerial and political process. Governments must select revenue sources that both fit into their budgets and satisfy all interested parties. In this assignment, you consider what might be the best revenue source for a public project as described in a real-world scenario. To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review Chapter 13 in your course text, focusing on the potential sources of financing for public expenditures, as well as on how budgeting theory and best practices might influence the selection of these sources.
  • Review Chapter 14 in your course text, paying special attention to the guidelines established for financial and compliance audits and economy and efficiency audits.