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Examine and evaluate the American criminal court system

Prepare a 1,050 – 1400 word (3 to 4 page) paper where you: Examine and evaluate the American criminal court system. Refer to the indicated Sections from Chapter 1 of our text, Courts & Criminal Justice in America, when addressing the following in your paper:

  • Describe a court and its four functions. Refer to Sections: “What is a Court” and “Functions of the Court System”
  • Define the dual court system and such terms as “federalism,” “dual federalism,” and “cooperative federalism.” Refer to Section: “Dual Court System”
  • Describe the role religion, early legal codes, the common law, and precedent played in the development of courts. Make sure to define such terms as “law,” “common law,” “precedent,” and “stare decisis.” Refer to Sections: “Legal Basis For The Courts,” “Early Legal Codes” and “Common Law and Precedent”
  • Identify the role of courts in criminal justice today. Refer to Sections: “Role of the Courts,” “Adjudication,” “Oversight,” and “Protection of Individuals”