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Evaluate the factors influencing reward strategies in organization

Evaluate the factors influencing reward strategies in organization Available in case study. there are three step need to be in work 1- General Introduction about reward strategies (any new info need to be referenced) 2- A body of work need to be about case study support it by Theories and Model 4_ Recommendations recommendations must incorporate the WHAT (needs to be done), WHY (it needs to be done -benefits), WHEN (set a realistic framework against which you can undertake or measure this activity), DRAWBACKS / BARRIERS (what is going to get in the way of achieving it and COSTS (every action / activity has a cost – please remember that). plz dont use new thory in Recommendations (dont writte conclusion just recommendations ) plz notes that any new info must writte how say it ) plz looke at Attachment as will incl 1- power point slide 2-text comment (last essay i did it with u ) 3- cause study ( u need to writte about ) References Using the Harvard Referencing system plz dont use wepsitte give eaxmple to support ur written work Top end grades will be awarded where: ? There is evidence of real understanding of the key concepts and assumptions ? The critical thinking and reasoning skills evidence a very clear and coherent appreciation of competing issues or points of view ? The balance of argument is thoughtful and has considered a range of potential responses The work is at a consistently high level of intellectual excellence 1. Understand why people management is essentially strategic. 2. Critically analyse the strategic options that face HR strategy-makers. plz dont use wepsitte