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Ethics: Case StudyYou should pick either

Ethics: Case StudyYou should pick either Conceived in Violence, Born in Hate or SavingMartina Greywind’sBaby.A complete assignment will include the following parts:1. A brief discussion of facts of the case. Give the important facts of the case. Who are the important actors in the case? In other words, who is making the ethical choices in this case study?2. What is the issue?What is the ethical issue or controversy in this case? What are some different ways to respond to this issue? What might people coming from different perspectives think should be done in this case?3. A summary of the main argument of one of the three articles we read from the Abortion section. (Donald Marquis, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Mary Anne Warren)4. Apply that argument to the case study. What would they think should be done in this case?5. Your philosophicalevaluation. What do you think should be done in this case? Why?I will be evaluating this assignment based upon the following criteria:1. Did you write a unified and coherent paper? Does it make sense? Did you make every attempt to avoid spelling and grammar errors?2. Did you effectively summarize one of the arguments from the text?3. Did you apply the argument intelligently to the case?4. Was you analysis presented well? Did you have anything thoughtful to add?5. Is this assignment complete?This should be between 1200 and 1500 words long.

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