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Effective Strategies PaperWrite a 1,000- to 1,450-word paper

Effective Strategies Paper Write a 1,000- to 1,450-word paper that addresses the following requirement.Use one of the following industry leaders that has been instrumental in turning around a large company. Describe their team-building techniques and strategies used to transform their company.Jack Welch and his transformation of General ElectricAlan Mulally and his transformation of the Ford Motor CompanyResearch what condition the company was in when they took over and where it is today. Investigate and discuss the strategy that was used to establish the teams and how the strategy was executed. What other strategies could have worked in a similar situation? Provide rationale.Include at least two scholarly references from the library. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines for academic papers, including both in-text citations and a reference page.A link to the grading guide for this assignment is listed on the right.

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