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My topic is about DRUG CONTROL TOPIC You might be able to get ideas for topics from: chapter notes I send out; some of the questions at the end of reading selections in the textbook. If you have questions about a possible topic, LENGTH The five to six page double spaced length is a strong suggestion and not strictly required.  Paper under five pages may not adequately satisfy the requirements. There is more risk in being under five pages than over six pages. Required format for the paper: 1) introduction presenting the issues or question to be examined; 2) presentation and critical examination of views of at least two textbook readings on the issue or question, with references for anything quoted or paraphrased form readings. 3) development of your own views on the issue or question, and offering or reasons supporting your views; 4) concluding summary of your findings in the paper. AUTHORS Use of at least two textbook authors (opinion pieces, not chapter introductions) is required. For this paper assignment, there should be more than enough textbook authors to cover most topics. Using authors outside the textbook is not suggested for most topics. SAMPLE FORMAT Introduction. This should identify your topic and focus. Suggested length: one paragraph. Presentation and critical examination of textbook author views. (suggested length – 2 to 3 pages). Each view should be carefully presented, primarily in your words. Consider reasons authors offer for their conclusions. Analyze and critically comment on each view, going into reasons for agreement or disagreement. Development and support of your own views (suggested length: 2 to 3 pages). You should offer views on your own on the topic and give supporting arguments for your views. You are welcome to draw on your experiences, anecdotal evidence, my notes, and textbook introductions as additional resources in addition to the authors examined as you consider your views Concluding Section (suggested length: 1 to 2 paragraphs). This should briefly speak to what you think you have done in the paper and what conclusions you have reached. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES This is the note from chapter 6 DRUG CONTROL, ADDICTION AND MEDICAL USE Focus: what is a morally acceptable role for society and government in relation to drug use? Contrasting Approaches: Heavy Criminalization; “Harm Reduction” Alternatives; Full Access to Drugs for adults. Some key Concepts and Principles: Liberty; Autonomy; Addiction: Paternalism; The Harm Principle. AUTHORS J. Spiegel. Argues against legalization of marijuana. Appeals to risks of marijuana use for accidents, psychotic conditions, and involvement with other drugs. T. Szasz. Appeals to idea of liberty in support of access to drugs for adults. Supports legalization that involves treating drugs that are now illegal like alcohol is now treated. R. Goodin. Explores reasons for some limited forms of paternalism, using smoking as an example. E. Nadelmann. Argues that harms of present drug laws outweigh benefits, and argues in support of legalization alternatives to reduce harm and increase benefits. J. Wilson. Argues that legalization would increase harm to others and harms to self. supports drugs remaining illegal. D. Shapiro.  Argues against the idea that some drugs are inherently addictive, and presents a view of addiction emphasizing cultural contexts. M. Hayry. Presents arguments appealing to liberty in support of medical use of marijuana. P. Cohen. Argues that medical marijuana should be subjected to same scrutiny as any other drug considered for medical use.