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Discuss the diversity of gender systems cross-culturally

  1. Discuss the diversity of gender systems cross-culturally. Include the Bugis, Hijras, Two-Spirits, Warias, and Kathoeys in your discussion. You must make at least two explicit (in-text citation) references to the Nanda readings to receive full credit. (20 points)

2Describe the arguments for and against female genital cutting (FGC), male genital cutting (MGC), and intersex genital cutting (IGC). Explain the dilemma that anthropologists face when dealing with these practices from both a human rights and cultural relativist perspective and some of the ways to reconcile these differences. You must make at least one explicit (in-text citation) reference to the Gruenbaum (2005) reading to receive full credit (20 points) 3.Discuss the biological intersex spectrum, making specific references hypospadias, hypogonadism, congenital adrenal hypoplasia, and genetic intersex conditions. Explain how the Guevedoces are treated as an intersex group in the Dominican Republic and how this differs from the way that intersex people are treated in the United States. (15 points) 4Explain how masculinity and femininity are culturally constructed using Margaret Mead’s case study of three tribes in Papua New Guinea. Describe how Western constructs of hypermasculinity/toxic masculinity are potentially damaging to men’s health. You must make at least one explicit (in-text citation) reference to the Courtenay (2000) reading to receive full credit.

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