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Customer Service and Retention requires students to use the skills

Customer Service and Retention requires students to use the skills gain in Module/Week 4 to create a customer service and retention plan for a sport or entertainment organization. Specifically, in approximately 500 words, please create and describe a list of ten policies and procedures that will guide your employees in building long-term relationships with customers. o    The opening paragraph should introduce the topic and share the established research on which the concepts of the assignment are based.

  • What is customer service
  • Why it is important
  • What do the experts recommend the content to be

o    The following paragraphs should then outline the specific sport organization for which the assignment is being written with supporting research where precedence has been set for why these ideas are successful and should be implemented. o    The closing paragraph should summarize the concepts and connect back to the opening paragraph. o    Support ideas with academic research. A minimum of three academic sources should be used outside of the text information.

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