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Compensations and Benefits Strategies Recommendations

HRM531 HRM/531 Compensations and Benefits Strategies Recommendations Week 3. Complete the Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations task as described in the Email from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting Page. Hello, For this task, I need you to work with a team. You will only be able to work with one client, though, so everyone in your team must agree on which client to work with. I need you to develop some compensation and benefit recommendations for the client. Don’t forget to check the Client Communications link to see a copy of my communications with the client regarding this issue. In your recommendation, make sure you do the following: ? Conduct a market evaluation by researching what companies in the relevant market are providing to employees from a total compensation perspective. ? Recommend a compensation structure. ? Recommend the position in the market. ? Create a total compensation and benefits strategy. ? Consider the use of performance incentives and merit pay to recognize and engage employees. ? Identify laws related to the benefits and pay program. Your recommendation should be no more than 1,750 words. Please have this to me by the end of the week. Thanks, Traci Goldeman Manager Atwood and Allen Consulting

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