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combative promotional efforts

STRAYER MKT100 WEEK 11 QUIZ (100% ANSWER) Question Question 1 Which of the following industries is most likely to employ combative promotional efforts? Answer Fast food Computer processors Tax-preparation services Television producers Automotive paints Question 2 Factors such as climate, seasons, and holidays tend to lead to the promotional objective of Answer combating competitive promotional offers. facilitating reseller support. encouraging product trial. retaining loyal customers. reducing sales fluctuations. Question 3 During the introduction stage of the product life cycle, which type of promotion would a firm focus on? Answer Reminder Competitive Comparative Pioneer Repetitive ? Question 4 Pioneer promotion is most likely to be used during the ____ stage of the product life cycle. Answer maturity decline growth introduction presentation Question 5 Which promotion mix ingredient costs considerably more than advertising to reach just one person but can provide more immediate feedback? Answer Publicity Sales management Sales promotion Personal selling Public relations Question 6 Radio and television signals as well as ink on the paper of a magazine or newspaper are all considered Answer noise. communication links. communication resources. communication channels. decoding sources. Question 7 Which of the following are personal informal exchanges of communication that customers share with one another about products, brands, and companies? Answer Guerilla communication Word-of-mouth communication Buzz marketing Viral marketing Conversational promotion Question 8 A person, group, or organization that has a meaning it intends and attempts to share with a receiver or an audience is a Answer communications channel. source. relay channel. decoder. sender. Question 9 When a source converts meaning into a series of signs or symbols representing ideas or concept, the source is undergoing Answer communication. the coding process. the decoding process. the conversion process. communications channel. 6 points Question 10 All of the following are examples of publicity-based public relations tools except Answer press conferences. feature articles. news releases. annual reports. news stories. Question 11 If a consumer is shown a particular advertisement and asked if she has seen it before, a(n) ____ is being performed. Answer pretest consumer jury test recognition test unaided recall test aided recall test Question 12 When a company promotes its position on a public issue, this is specifically referred to as ____ advertising. Answer institutional product advocacy issue competitive Question 13 ____ is communication in news story form about an organization or its products that is transmitted through a mass medium at no charge. Answer Advertising Publicity Public relations Sales promotion Personal selling Question 14 The three general types of media schedules are Answer pulsing, beating, and continuous. short, medium, and long-term. morning, afternoon, and evening. pulsing, continuous, and flighting. light, heavy, and alternating. Question 15 An advertising platform is the Answer basic issue or selling point that an advertiser wishes to include in an advertising campaign. objective of the advertising campaign, stated in precise and measurable terms. form in which the basic issues of the campaign should be presented. broad objectives of the advertising campaign. consumer advertising research conducted. Question 16 When the CEO or chief financial officer of a company states how much the company should spend on advertising for the coming period, the company is using the Answer arbitrary approach. executive decision process. objective-and-task approach. percentage-of-sales approach. competition-matching approach. Question 17 Advertising that lets consumers know that an established brand still offers certain uses, characteristics, and advantages is ____ advertising. Answer repetitive reminder pioneer competitive reinforcement Question 18 A list of the exact magazines, newspapers, and television stations in which an advertisement will appear, along with the dates and times, is a(n) Answer advertising plan. media plan. advertising message. advertising appropriation. media platform. Question 19 An evaluation performed before an advertising campaign begins is a Answer consumer exam. posttest. recognition test. pretest. recall test. Question 20 The last stage in the development of any advertising campaign is Answer creating the advertising platform. developing the media plan. creating the advertising message. evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. defining the advertising objectives. Question 21 When a salesperson asks the customer to buy the product several times throughout the sales presentation in an effort to uncover hidden objections, it is called Answer order taking. new-business selling. trial closing. order getting. overcoming objections. Question 22 The salesperson must attract and hold the prospect’s attention, stimulate interest, and spark a desire for the product during the Answer prospecting. preapproach. follow up. approach. sales presentation. Question 23 ____ are designed to identify the customers called on and to present detailed information about interaction with those clients. Answer Invoices Feedback notices Work schedules Call reports Recall files Question 24 Customer density and distribution are important factors in Answer prospecting. motivating salespeople. creating sales territories. compensating salespeople establishing sales force objectives Question 25 A missionary salesperson is usually employed by Answer a retailer. a wholesaler. either a retailer or a producer. a manufacturer. an independent intermediary Question 26 The two groups of order takers in personal selling are Answer current customer salespeople and new-business salespeople missionary salespeople and trade salespeople inside order takers and field order takers trade salespeople and technical salespeople advisory order takers and support order takers Question 27 Order-getting activities are divided into two categories: Answer missionary sales and technical sales current-customer sales and new-business sales order takers and trade sales current sales and support sales inside order sales and field order sales Question 28 Which of the following is particularly appropriate for pricey high-tech business products, such as jet aircraft and medical equipment? Answer Team selling Relationship selling Trade selling Technical selling Missionary selling Question 29 Developing a list of potential customers is called Answer preapproaching. surveying. scouting. prospecting. screening. Question 30 Paid personal communication that attempts to inform and persuade customers to purchase products in an exchange situation is called Answer advertising. sales promotion. personal selling. target marketing.

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