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Cima Case Memo

Topic     Cima Case Memo Type      Essay Level     College Style      APA Sources                2 Language             English(U.S.) Description Instructions CIMA case and case spreadsheet with instructions please recognize that the shape of any forecast for the shoes that Margaret and Anthony propose must have an inverted U shape. Sometime over the next 10 years, every model will go out of style, be superseded and be withdrawn from sale – no longer made and sold. Like the cycle described in M1. Your forecasts must reflect this. Whose new shoe line will have a shorter life? Reflect this in your forecasts They must start at zero sales and end at zero sales. If they do not you will lose 20% of your case grade. I hope this gets your attention.   And do not gripe about how you know nothing about forecasting shoe sales. Neither do apparently the case writers or Anthony and Margaret? Ever increasing is just absurd as their product is a part fashion item experiencing technological evolution in materials and construction And what is with the sudden spurts in year to year forecast sales???? So give it your best estimate. Should they stay in the business? What does the capital creation say? If not what should they do – strategically? Spacing Double