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CGS3362: Requirements for Final ProjectThe

CGS3362: Requirements for Final ProjectThe term project in this course is a Research project. The research paper deliverable will be composed of three parts.Part 1: Detailed explanation/description of the topicPart 2: Research & findings of the related topicsPart 3: The student’s analysis-based opinion on said findings (What was most compelling about your findings and why).Deliverables .Paper the paper shall cover any number of topics and areas that we discussed in the course. Please format the paper with standard APA margins and font size. The content of the paper will be no less than ten (10) pages. Title, abstract, references are separate for a total 13 pages.Content of paper and presentation …The proposed topics found in IT Business decision making should cover the following areas:1. Building an IT Strategic Plan2. Using Information Resources as Strategic Tools3. Designing and Building Information Systems4. Designing and Building an Information Technology Organization5. Managing Business Processing in Information Technology6. Building the IT Architecture and IT Infrastructure7. Managing IT Activities Globally (aka across time zones)8. The Business of IT; Managing and Monitoring IT Projects and Investments9. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Maintenance10. Information Systems Security11. Using Information Ethically12. Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics13. Information Systems Sourcing14. Governing Practices for Information Technology Organizations