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Business plans that might take you to foreign countries for work and increased market share

Here you will speak about future business plans that might take you to foreign countries for work and increased market share. In this portion you should write in essay format (APA STYLE) your future plans to build your company (RALPH LAUREN) in a foreign country. In essay format answer the following questions: What country will you chose and why? 1. How will you bring employees to the country? 2. What types of compensation and training do you feel will be best suited for them with these work requirements? In a brief 2 page paper explain what this will look like in the next five to ten years for your overall company growth. 3. What difficulties do you expect? 4. And any benefits? 5. Don’t forget the 4 key challenges as mentioned in chapter 2- as they affect all businesses here or abroad, how will these effect your proposal to go global? 6. Other topics from chapter 2 to cover such as the reason for business exchange with foreign countries, the type of workers you will have, what types of training they will need, the compensation to give them, and any global business concerns. **This is a research paper…you must cite a minimum of 5 sources to receive points. Don’t forget to cite sources. APA STYLE!!

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