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Assignment1. Do you think that mobile networks

Assignment1. Do you think that mobile networks will take the place of wired and wireless networks in the future? Why or why not? What about the growth of mobile networks in lesser developed countries? Support your response with two references.2. Briefly discuss the history of the domain name system. Why is it important?3. Use Porter’s value chain (Exhibit 8.1) to evaluate one company or organization in terms of how well it uses the Internet to increase its margins and generate business intelligence (think Ducatti or Dell, or Walmart….)4. Long-term care faces additional ethics challenges with the changes proposed by PPACA of 2010 and the approaching retirement of the Baby Boomer generation. If you were an administrator of a long-term care facility, how would you prepare yourself for the ethics challenges that you will face? What principles or theories would be most useful for your day-to-day decision-making?5. How can a physician decide what is the ethical thing to do when asked about assisted suicide? How can the physician respect the patients wishes and still maintain an ethical practice of medicine?