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Assignment 1: Research PaperGiven our current

Assignment 1: Research PaperGiven our current economic times what is the greatest family resource management issue facing American families today? What evidence is there that this is a problem? Does this problem affect all families in the same way? What activities are currently under way in this country to address this issue? How effective are these activities? How do you believe this issue will change in the next 5 years?Use at least three academic peer-reviewed publications as references.Assignment 2: Annotated BibliographyFor Assignment Two you will construct an annotated bibliography that provides a summary of research articles found on Sexual Harrassment. Include a minimum of 10 related sources (at least 5 should be from scholarly journals or books). An annotated bibliography will aid in evaluating the relevance and quality of your selected sources.For each source include:1) APA-formatted full reference for the source2) A 150 200 word paragraph that provides a description and evaluation of your sourceAssignment 3: Research AssignmentFor the final written assignment you are required to submit a research paper that critically analyzes Sexual Harrassment incorporates course materials and follows APA-formatting guidelines. The research paper should be proofread to correct all grammatical and citation errors.