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Assessment DescriptionBuilding on the

Assessment DescriptionBuilding on the work you have already completed you are required to integrate evidence of increased skills and demonstrated understanding gained from discussion forum participation. Marks will be allocated on the basis of your assessment of the scenario understanding what needs to be done and the decisions you make as to how you would approach the situation based on the procedures discussed in your readings and discussions.The total word count for this assignment is 1500 words. You do not need an overall introduction or conclusion. You should reference at least 6 resources in the text of the assignmentQuestionOutline your communication approach for two of the following scenarios using the following headings. Your answers can be in point form. Audience analysis Who are your audience (receiver)? What are the needs and attitudes of your audience? Communication goals What are you trying to achieve? Consider short and long term goals. Communication process How will you plan and implement communication strategies and practices to achieve your goals. Timing.Please ensure that you support your answers with relevant theories discussed in class.Scenario 1You have been asked to present an information session on wills and estate planning to a group of Aboriginal people. How would you use the intercultural communication and Language and argument to prepare the session(It is helpful here to use theories discussed in Lectures 1 and 2 and apply them to the situation).Scenario 2Devise a communications program which announces a reduction in staff when the company has just announced record profitability.(It is important to understand that you act here not as a manager but as a Communication Officer. What professional formats and approaches you would use in this situation to best communicate the message?)Scenario 3How would you use a non-verbal communication in a job interview to interview the interviewer? What methods of Non-Verbal Communication would you use to find out as much as possible about the job and organisation and be a successful candidate?(It is essential here to use theories discussed in Lecture 3)Scenario 4You feel you are not getting the best outcomes working with a manager from another country (choose one country other than your own). How would you use one of the Models of Intercultural Communication to improve the situation? Be specific…