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Assessment BriefSelect one restaurant

Assessment BriefSelect one restaurant from The Australian Financial Reviews (AFR) Top 100 Australian Restaurants site ( ). Using the wholesale price list provided compile a wine list that is appropriate for the style and price of the menu. Briefly describe the chosen restaurant in terms of location layout and dcor. Then compile a wine list that is appropriate to the selected restaurant with the following sections:1. Sparkling wines2. White wines3. Red wines 14. Dessert wines (20-25 wines in total) The wine list must also contain the producer of the wine grape variety vintage and Landed Unit Cost (LUC).Examine both the wine list and menu then match appropriate wine with the menu. You must include matches for least two entre dishes two main dishes and two desserts. Additionally outline the importance of having the interpersonal skills to be a member of a food and beverage team.Presentation Guidelines – The report must include:- Executive Summary – Table of Contents – Topic titles and content clearly defined – In-text references where required- Reference list (using referencing as per the TUA-BMIHMS referencing guide)1 500 wordsNOTE: The list of references the table of contents tables and the executive summary are NOT included in the word count.