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Answer questions:5. The Pet Cemetery What

Answer questions:5. The Pet Cemetery What are the history and current status of the modern pet cemetery? Pet cemeteries are silly and foolish. We would be better off without them. Offer your own opinion in responding to this statement. Explain your position and offer useful examples.6. The Funeral DirectorWhat changes have been taking place in the way funeral directors do business, as described by a funeral director in the text?Suppose that the National Funeral Directors Association has asked for your advice in improving funerals. What would you suggest? Be clear, realistic, and specific.7. Spontaneous MemorializationWhat is meant by spontaneous memorialization ? Offer a useful example.Explain the pros and cons when contrasting the processes of traditional memorialization versus spontaneous memorialization.What larger lesson might we learn from the increase in spontaneous memorialization in the United States in recent years?

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