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After watching the documentary FOOD INC.

Instructions Part 1 After watching the documentary FOOD INC. respond (short essay) to the following questions, citing specific evidence from the documentary: 1. Do animals have the right to a certain quality of life? Why or why not? If they do have  rights, so these rights extend to the animals that we raise for food like cows, pigs and chickens? Why or why not? 2. Do people have the right to know what is in their food? Why or why not? Why would this be important? 3. Who is responsible for keeping our food safe? What can you do personally to keep yourself and your family members safe? 4. Should access to healthy food be a right for everyone? The film gives the impression that food is either cheap or healthy. Do you think it is true that food is either one or the other, or is this a false dichotomy? 5. When deciding what to eat, how much should we consider the workers who pick, process and transport it? 6. Does it matter to you which food companies produce your food? Why or why not? 7. Should companies be able to own the DNA contained in the plant seeds? Why or why not? What are the intending and unintended consequences of this? 8. Should a company have the power to decide what information to give consumers about the food it produces? Wh y would this be important as a consumer? Part 2 Submit your review of Literature from your 3+ scholarly sources. Online Behavior Change Project .docx