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A right-skewed distribution is also called a __ distribution

2. A right-skewed distribution is also called a __ distribution.a. Positively-skewed b. Negatively-skewed c. Kurtosis d. Normal5. Linear Transformations involve: a. Multiplication of a variable by a constant b. Square roots c. Logarithms6. Stratified sampling___a. Can be more representative than simple randomized sampling b. Can be used if the population has a number of distinct groupsc. Is done by randomly sampling from subgroups in a way that is proportional to their size in the populationd. All of the above16. (10 points) Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is an important part of blood cholesterol test. To prevent cardiovascular disease, a health center had a free blood cholesterol test for all the people older than 65 in the community. A total of eight people attended the blood screening and their blood test results are listed below. What is the standard deviation of the LDL levels (mg/dL) in the sample? Show your intermediate calculation in the following table; you may not need all columns based on the formula you use.Round the answer to two decimal places as needed. LDL(mg/dl): 130,143,114,110,123,110,134,124LDL x x^2 x – mean (x – mean)^2

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