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A number of arguments we considered this semester either implicitly

A number of arguments we considered this semester either implicitly or explicitly drew on the concept of “Pareto Efficiency.” First, explain what Pareto efficiency is and its relevance for business ethics. Then, drawing on at least three different texts, discuss the ways in which such arguments differ from, and/or disagree with, one another. Additional info: Please refer only to attached list of readings in writing. No outside sources. Please have a strong intro (summary of what readings will be used/why) and conclusion. Accurately conveying the arguments and concepts from the readings is very important. However, because this exam is open book, your grade will largely be determined based on how appropriately, cleverly, and creatively you use the texts to answer these questions and offer an argument. For each question you have a choice in the texts you can refer to: you should demonstrate breadth but also the ability to discern which texts make sense for which questions. To quote the Schuyler sisters in the musical Hamilton, “I am looking for a mind at work.” Business ethics course at an Ivy League School.

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