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A good response is approximately Five Hundred words for each set of

A good response is approximately Five Hundred words for each set of essay questions.All questions per essay below are to be responded to in ONE essay. They are not multiple essay questions. Please cite all sources used. Use your best judgment.Provide a justification for your answer. Use facts. Use examples. Be as thorough as possible. As always, each questions should at a minimum yield a separate paragraph.Question #1:How is strategic trade policy different from a free trade system? What are the advantages of each? Give an example of U.S. participation in strategic trade policy and an example of U.S. participation in a free trade system. In your opinion, should U.S. foreign policy focus more on strategic trade policy or on promoting a free trade system? Why?Question #2:What are the presidents foreign policy powers? What are Congresss foreign policy powers? Who has more foreign policy powers and why? Is the existing balance of power between Congress and the president appropriate, or would the United States be better off if one branchs powers were to increase and the other branchs powers decrease?

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