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A common theme across professional organizations that is echoed

A common theme across professional organizations that is echoed by many practitioners in the field is the importance of using multiple sources of information and never making a decision about a child based on a single assessment (Greenspan & Meisels, 1996; McCune et al., 1990; McLean, 2004; Meisels & Atkins-Burnett, 2000; Wolraich et al., 2005). This recommendation is especially important for children with special needs, whose performance and behavior across settings and situations can be even more vulnerable than those of typical developing children. Include your interpretation of these statements in your research paper. Illustrate why it is important for early childhood educators to understand the principles and purposes of assessment. Explain the relationship between assessment and early intervention. Write a research paper that is three to four pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) regarding the purposes of assessment in early childhood and the challenges of assessing children with special needs. Format your paper according to APA style as outlined in then Ashford Writing Center. Provide examples and/or research findings to support your ideas. Use at least two scholarly sources in addition to your primary text, and properly cite them in text and on the reference page.