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2) Create a user assgn2′ and in their home directory

2) Create a user assgn2′ and in their home directory create the files with the following permissions [5 marks].A file called processes.txt containing a detailed listing of all processes running on your machine. The file is to have read and write permissions for owner group and other but no execute permissions.A file called script1 that runs a script to remove ‘other’ read write and execute permissions from all files located in the directory. The directory location should be provided as a command line option when running the script or default to the directory from which the script was invoked. The script should have no permissions for other read and execute permissions for group and full read write and execute permissions for the owner.A hidden file called .test_config owned by root with contents Test config file that has root read write and execute permissions only no other permissions set.A symbolic link with an absolute path to a system log file of your choosing.A directory called test_dir with the owner having full permissions to create rename or delete files in the directory list files and enter the directory. Group and other having permissions to only list files and enter the directory and access files within it.Submit a learning diary for this activity in which you should include:Your DNS configuration including copies of your underlying DNS server configuration files;Screenshots from your client device demonstrating the operation of the DNS server;What you did;What problems you encountered and how you solved them;How much time you spent on each part of the exercise. Attachments: Screenshot-20….png