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19. An invoice for a laptop computer that cost

19. An invoice for a laptop computer that cost $625.68 is dated September 15, with sales terms of 3/10 EOM. If the bill is paid October 8, find the cash discount and net amount paid. Round to the nearest cent21. Felipe Rivera’s savings account has a balance of $3159. After 4 years what will the amount of interest be at 1.6% compounded quarterly?26. An invoice received from Royal Exporters totaled $638.20, was dated October 10, and offered terms of 1/11 ROG. The shipment was received November 27. If the invoice was paid on December 12, find the net amount due. Round to the nearest cent.27. Find the maturity value of a loan of $6787 after 4 months. The loan carries a simple interest rate of 14% per year.?28. Solve the problem. Round amounts to the nearest cent and percents to the nearest tenth of a percent. Cost = $4.04; Selling price = $7.12. Find the markup and the rate of markup based on cost