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Urban planning and environmental policy

Urban planning and environmental policy Project description Urban Planning and Environmental Policy Bridging the gap between society and the environment around it, urban planning and environmental policies play a pivotal role in the way communities come together. From designing infrastructure and residences for low-income families to the final position and placement of recycling centers and waste disposal facilities, urban planning and environmental policy is the backbone of society, often times without those in the society completely understanding and contemplating what it takes to run such a city. It takes the extensive education; training and knowledge to even begin the extensive task of such a position. Finding the very best institution providing these benefits is essential in eventually pursuing my desired career path. Without the education, arriving upon these job titles becomes slim to almost impossible. This is exactly why your institution and programs have directly caught my eye. With the profound professional instructors and professors to the provided curriculum, gaining access to these facilities and the faculty is sure to play an important role throughout the rest of my life, and it is not a responsibility and honor I take lightly. Throughout the later years of my high school education, I had a profound interest in architecture and a strong desire to pursue this line of work. However, as I gained additional information and knowledge regarding the services, I thought to myself I could set my sights a bit higher and move towards the complete planning of a city and the environmental policies associated with it. I grew up watching my parents do their best to provide me with the most comfortable living possible, however, I saw other families far less off than myself, and I knew, in some shape or form, I wanted to help them. With the knowledge and experience a Ph.D. provides in urban planning and environmental policy, I’ll have the necessary tutelage to properly design housing, capable of sustaining their livelihood, without forcing them to suffer or experience less than desirable conditions. With green technology moving more and more into the forefront, it is now possible to build many of these low income houses out of recycled material, all while saving the local community in funding and reducing the utility charges on the live-in families. There is no need for the families who are already struggling to pay additional income towards utilities due to poor craftsmanship, inferior design and less than adequate equipment. With the experience and knowledge provided by the urban planning and environmental policy program, I’ll not only prove capable of doing this, but also thrive at it. As my educational career comes nearer and nearer to a close, I’m finally able to see the end of the tunnel and start my own path towards becoming an urban planner and specialist in environmental policy. However, the last step is often the most important, and so I wish to prepare myself with the very best instruction and facilities available. This is what has pushed me and drawn me towards the urban planning program and everything it has to offer. I know this is the final piece in the puzzle, yet the most essential. Without this final piece, the puzzle is incomplete and incapable of standing on its own. With the education available here, I know upon graduation I’ll not only stand on my own, but also thrive. I would like you please to include that one of my goals is to work with King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy. Also if you could please add this paragraph to my statement: Moving to the U.S. has opened my eyes to what so called “The Global Cities”. It is the ideal city where a multiplicity of globalization activities takes place. As we try to readjust to the global economy and other global issues such as climate change, we start to realize how important it is to accomplish ideal global cities to overcome obstacles as the world’s population increases and the world’s boundaries shrink. Today’s big cities have emerged to create strategic site for the transnationalization of labor and global capital and soon we are going to be ready for a whole new type of political operations as well as a new culture. A clear sign of the incorporation of a similar political geography is the embodiment of cities into whole new cross border geography of centrality.