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This Final Reflection Essay should include your reflections on: your popular culture project

Background Information Reflection Essay is an opportunity for you to reflect on what you have learned this past semester. The exercise is intended to help reinforce your memories and to help stretch your sense of how you can/will apply what you have learned in the future. This Final Reflection Essay should include your reflections on: your popular culture project à Refer to “Popular Culture Project – Sports.docx” studying a particular conflict à Refer to “Conflict – Yemen.docx” class readings sent to you via Announcements à Refer to “All Readings.docx” YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO EXTRA RESEARCH. IF YOU ARE USING SOME ARTICLES FROM THE READINGS SENT THROUGH ANNOUNCEMENTS, YOU HAVE TO CITE THEM CORRECTLY ACCORDING TO APA STYLE!! PLEASE USE EASY, SIMPLE VOCABULARY. You have to write in regard to the following instructions: Please discuss what you learned, what surprised you, what challenged you, etc. The goal is to identify what you learned during the semester. Note that you were sent a fair amount of reading via Announcements (point 3 above). Consider which of these you actually read, and which you did not. You don’t have to answer this in the Essay, but do consider whether you were diligent in reading at least some of these on a regular basis. I chose them from among many other readings in an effort to give you different perspectives on our topics; interesting specific studies; or opportunities to think about certain problems from a fresh, even startling point of view. The guiding philosophy of this course has been “you get out what you put in,” and you have had the freedom to spend a lot of time on the course or a little, but do consider whether this has been a better strategy for you. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.