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This essay will focus on challenging a cultural norm

Essay 5—Collaborative For this essay you will be utilizing your skills as a writer, researcher, and critical thinker.  However, you will not be doing this alone.  You will be in groups of no more than 5 students and will write the essay together. This experience is invaluable because it gives you the opportunity to challenge what you know, work with a real live audience, learn from your peers, and gives you the experience of working in a group (much like in a job setting). As a group, you will need to make decisions about what to write about, revision ideas, a timeline, meeting dates/times, how each student will participate, and whatever else you can come up with to help the process along. The Assignment: This essay will focus on challenging a cultural norm (we will generate topics in class).  As a group, you will brainstorm on social mores and customs that can be (and perhaps deserve to be) challenged. Maybe they are too narrow and do not apply to everyone, or maybe they are outdated. Your essay will outline the case against this custom and provide support for your claims, will acknowledge any validity it has or has had in the past, and will propose alternative solutions or ways to view it.  This essay will require you to narrow your focus to a specific topic (i.e. marriage or drug laws, role of women in the household, gender roles, women in the military, etc.). Once you decide what custom or belief you will write about, you will need to come up with a thesis (what you are saying, and why you are saying it).  Then, you will need to support your thesis with examples (maybe you can add images) and critical analysis. Criteria: Proper Format (either MLA or APA—must be consistent) 4-5 pages At least 4 outside sources Each student will turn in a 2-3 page reflection about the topic choice, quality of the work, and working collaboratively. This is also where you will grade your peers.  Let me know what grade you would give each peer and why. Grade: 70% the collaborative essay 15% the grade your group members give you 15% your reflection A Always Shows up; Contributes during each meeting; cooperates with other group members; Offers suggestions for Revision B Missed 1 session; sometimes contributes; cooperates with members; mostly edits and doesn’t offer a whole lot in terms of revision; C Missed 2 sessions; doesn’t contribute often; doesn’t offer suggestions for revision; doesn’t work well with others D Missed more than 2 sessions; never contributes; doesn’t offer revision suggestions; doesn’t speak at the sessions F No Show!!!!