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Theoretical perspective of Marxism and Political economy

Answer the following with as much detail as you can. This is not merely an opinion paper, but it is expected that you should develop a clear and systematic analysis in your response. You may use examples to illustrate your answer if you feel the need to do so. Write a paper about the movies (Outfoxed) and (Freedom of Expression) documentaries from theoretical perspective of Marxism and Political economy. The McQuail book summarizes the key arguments of Marxist and political economic theories of the media on pages 95-97. Use the textbook summary to give a reading the documentaries as illustration of the theoretical arguments of the critical approaches. For a truly outstanding short paper, you would also want to see additional academic sources in further support of you analysis of the documentaries. The purpose of this paper os to apply theoretical knowledge in making sense of the claims made in the documentaries or the textbook section. * You should aim to write between 800-1,000 words excluding references list. The textbook Page 95-96-97 . McQuail, Denis (2010). McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory (6th Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. The movies documentaries Outfoxed) and (Freedom of Expression) **please make sure the paper has some mistake so the professor does notice.**