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The role of government

The role of government and evaluate its continued impact on social reform in modern-day society. American politics today is more sharply divided between the agendas of conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats than it was during the presidency of Ronald Reagan 30 years ago. Conservative Republicans serving in Congress in 2013 strongly advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, and reductions in Social Security and Medicare spending. Democrats, who argue that tax reductions for the rich and reduced federal regulation that began during the Reagan years were responsible for the fiscal crisis of 2008 and the recession that followed, firmly resist these conservative initiatives. As each side has dug in, political stalemate has been the result. Before making your initial post, consider carefully the following: What do you think is the future of these differing views of the role of the federal government? Are low taxes on the wealthy and the “job creators” the key to economic prosperity, or are tax policies that result in a more equitable distribution of wealth to all classes of Americans the answer? Do we want to reduce “entitlement” spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and other social programs in order to reduce the size of the federal government and to lower income taxes, or do we as a nation figure out a way to support the needs of the elderly and those with a low social and economic status? Do we reduce federal regulations on businesses to reduce corporate costs and increase jobs, or do we insist that government act to monitor commerce, protect consumers, and guard against threats to the environment? Where do were we go from here? Your initial post is not about your political stance on these issues, but rather it is about evaluating one government initiative. For your initial post, select any one of these issues or identify another proposed government initiative. Explain one negative and one positive effect of the initiative, providing examples to support your observations. In responding to your peers’ posts, discuss the benefits and costs of the initiative and their long-term impact on our government and individuals.